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Bye Bye Stinky Diapers

Going out to the park with your newborn? We know it is a little nerve-wracking even without the added worry of getting stranded with dirty diapers and unable to dispose them right away. Not to worry - chefneno Diaper Sack has you covered. Our diaper disposal sacks are leak proof and are scented to mask unpleasant dirty diaper odors 

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Our trash bags come in different sizes and can be usedin restrooms, offices, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, or outdoor recreation centers. They are made of HDPE & LDPE resin and are perfect for your light & medium waste management needs. They are made partially from post consumer recycled content which make them both economical & environmentally-friendly.

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Shopping Bags

With our top quality merchandize bags, provide your customers a convenient and easy way to carry purchased merchandise by bagging items in this 1/6 size barrel (22 in x 11.5 in s 6.5 in) medium-duty t-shirt style bags. Made from post consumer high-density polyethylene material, these bags are built to resist rips, punctures and tears while in use. They are sized right for holding grocery or take-out or any other medium duty items and their strong handles ensure quick, easy and hassle free transportation.

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Grocery Shopping Bags

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